20 Years of Tribute & Heartfelt Journey Together

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Mission Hills.
Through these 20 years, members and proprietors of Mission Hills have witnessed its rapid development in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hainan and Yunnan.
Every step of this glorious growth has been made possible by your unwavering support.
Thank you for the 20 years of tribute & heartfelt journey together.

According to Mencius: “There is an art in the contemplation of water. It is necessary to watch it as foaming in waves.” This implies we should set great objectives and expand our mind on one hand; one the other hand, we should be down on the earth and keep progressing step by step. A related saying is, “He who has contemplated the sea, finds it difficult to be attracted by other waters.”
Time brings about great changes. Looking back at the development of Mission Hills over the last 20 years, it has emerged from almost a non-entity to legendary status. It first created the world’s largest golf club in a barren wasteland on the border of Shenzhen and Dongguan, and has now moved across the Qiongzhou Strait to build Mission Hills Haikou. Mission Hills has evolved into China’s leading sport and leisure industry investor and operator in China, as well as one of the best in the world. Its history has followed the philosophy of Mencius—highly targeted and yet, down-to-earth.

1992-2002 The First Decade of Mission Hills: From Birth to World’s No.1

In the early spring of 1992, a train leaving for the South opened a new chapter in China’s evolution. From January 18 to February 21, 88-year-old Deng Xiaoping visited the South and delivered the famous “South Tour speeches”. They announced to China and the world in no uncertain terms: We should take bold steps in revolution; we must not act like a woman with bound feet.

That same year, Mission Hills Group’s founder Dr. David Chu saw the new opportunity being presented. He realized that Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta lacked a platform for international leisure and communication. Golf, as a mature international business language, could promote economic communication and drive the development of leisure business in China. With such forward thinking, he was determined to lay the foundation for the Mission Hills Golf Clubhouse. With it, a world-renowned leisure brand took root. Encircled by 20 square kilometers of green mountains and crystal-clear lakes, Mission Hills stands out from the world’s 50,000-plus clubhouses. Seamlessly integrating the surrounding golf course styles of the five continents, it creates a holistic experience and invigorates the soul, with energy reminiscent of the booming Chinese economy.

From the beginning, Mission Hills set out to build the biggest golf resort in Asia. On November 13, 2002, Mission Hills announced it would build five more championship courses, to match the five that were already onsite. With this milestone, it has surpassed the US’s Pinehurst Resort to become the biggest golf club in the world after only 10 years of existence.

2002 - 2012 The Second Decade of Mission Hills: From Golf to a Diversified Leisure Industry

Mission Hills rewrote China’s golf history in just 10 years. In doing so, it forever changed the world’s view of China’s potential as a future hotbed for the sport.

During the NPC & CPPCC events in March 2002, a committee member of CPPCC from Hong Kong, Dr. David Chu submitted a proposal titled The Need for In-depth Research on Domestic-demand Market and Leisure Industry Development. It concluded China’s leisure industry had entered a prosperous development period driven by domestic demand. As Dr. Chu predicted, since 2002, the leisure industry has rapidly grown in China. In 2007, it was included in the Government Work Report, which deemed it a strong engine to boost future urban economic development.

In its second decade, Mission Hills initiated expansion to the north in Dongguan and the south across the Qiongzhou Strait. From golf to leisure, Mission Hills heavily invested in the construction of comprehensive international resorts and leisure facilities. In 2011, Mission Hills was identified as a 5A international tourist attraction. In 2007, Mission Hills made use of a barren, soil-free land in Haikou—a lava rock desert formed by ancient volcanic eruptions—to build a resort and propel development of Hainan International Tourist Island. The result—Mission Hills Haikou—has become a resort destination with activities and amenities for everyone.

In a historic 2007 announcement, Mission Hills was named host of 12 consecutive editions of World Cup of Golf. In 2010, it held China’s first international celebrity pro-am tournament, and attracted global sport and entertainment stars to participate. More than 100 international championships have made Mission Hills China’s leading platform for the international exchange of ideas and created a unique global tourism attraction.

2012 - 2022 The Next Decade of Mission Hills: Footed China for Internationalization

In 2012, Mission Hills accelerated its already breathtaking pace of development. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, it has announced a series of new milestones:

In March, Mission Hills hosted the inaugural “World Ladies Championship” to help compensate for the lack of ladies professional tournaments in China.

In April, Mission Hills launched Mission Hills Centreville. Five billion RMB will be invested to build the first HOPSCA urban complex north of Shenzhen, establishing a new leisure and entertainment landmark in the Pearl River Delta.

In May, Mission Hills collaborated with famous director Feng Xiaogang and leading Chinese movie and entertainment company, Huayi Brothers, to break ground on the “Feng Xiaogang Movie-themed Commune”— a Utopia-style, movie-themed tourist city.

In June, basketball superstar Yao Ming, “best football player of all time” Ronaldo and other stars affirmed their participation in the 2012 World Celebrity Pro-Am.

In July, Mission Hills added more than 234 reciprocal & associated clubs to the roster. Members can now enjoy golf on five continents, and may even be invited to watch the US Open Championship, the Ryder Cup and other top tournaments.

In October, the World Celebrity Pro-Am will be held in Haikou. In November, the WGC-HSBC Champions will bring the world’s best players to Mission Hills’ Olazabal Course.

Excellence continues and the dream goes on. In the next decade, Mission Hills Centreville will become an indispensable entertainment and leisure landmark. Haikou Mission Hills•Huayi•Feng Xiaogang Movie-themed Commune will depict China’s movie industry to tourists from all over the world. The Haikou Mission Hills International Low-carbon Tourist Town will also become the leisure life center of Hainan.

Apart from Shenzhen, Dongguan and Haikou, golf fans can enjoy playing at Mission Hills-branded courses in beautiful Yunnan and the mountain city of Chongqing. As the leading operator in China’s sport and leisure industry, Mission Hills will continue to share rich and colorful travel destinations with the world.

In the coming decade, golf will continue its rapid growth in China and Mission Hills will undoubtedly continue to play an indispensable role.