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Best Secret city: Garden Street

In Dongguan, Garden Street is a must, just like Wangfujing Street in Beijing, Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Shangxiajiu Road in Guangzhou and Dongmen Street in Shenzhen. It is located at the center of the town, boasts a most distinctive atmosphere and is a popular destination for delicious food as well as fashion brands.

Best View: Tangxia Guanguang Park

Connected to another park – Tangxia Culture Park – by a ropeway,Tangxia Guanguang Park features a large Amusement Park, Ferris Wheel, Forest Squirrel and several other rides. From its sight-seeing tower, visitors enjoy panoramic views of Tangxia.

Best Restaurant Classic: Huili Farm Restaurant

Everything you eat here is produced in-house, including vegetables, livestock and seafood. Visitors will relish the superb Cantonese-style cooking while admiring the beautiful and tranquil scenery of the countryside.

Best Cocktail with a View: Tangxia Bar Street

This spot is famous for its night scene and award-winning dining with many popular restaurants and bars dotting the street.

Best Culture Secret: Nanshe Ming and Qing Dynasty Ancient Village

Considered the diamond of Dongguan, Nanshe Village is a key cultural relic. A comparatively complete layout, highlighted by architecture and drainage systems of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, represents ways of life that have largely been replaced throughout China.

Museum Must-See:The Opium War Museum

Perfect for those who enjoy culture and history, it boasts items from the Opium Wars, including bronze statues of Lin Zexu and Humen people fighting the British, ancient cannons and the Monument to the Destruction of Opium.

Top Architecture Find: Keyuan Garden

With its perfectly manicured gardens, winding paths, pavilions and kiosks, Keyuan Garden is simply divine. Built by Zhang Jingxiu in 1850, it is one of the four famous gardens of the Qing Dynasty in Guangdong province and is landscaped into a triangular-shaped lot completed with blue bricks. All features of the garden—hills, lakes, buildings, trees and plants—blend harmoniously with the surroundings and a series of paths extend in all directions. The garden is now under state protection as a national cultural treasure.

Top Destination for a Day Trip: Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park

Known as the first national forest park of Dongguan authorized by the Bureau of Forestry of China, it integrates ecological sightseeing, entertainment, bodybuilding and religious and cultural tourism. Called a “Holy place of South China and the secret territory of Hundred Canton,” its 18 square kilometers are 99 percent covered by forest.

Best Neighborhood Walk: Da Ping Shan Forest Park

As a provincial-level park, it is 96% covered by forest. The most distinctive scenic spots are Mount Kwan-yin, Da Ping Shan Sub-Forest, Mount Cuiding Bamboo Fitness Footway, Mount Climbing Footway in Mount Leigong, and five courses of Mission Hills Golf Club. The forest park is very beautiful with a number of ravines and streams. There are countless botanic species and some ancient trees are more than 100 years old.