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Mission Hills • Guangdong Flower Shop

Mission Hills • Guangdong Flower Shop is located inside the Mission Hills Dongguan Hotel and is one of the hotel supporting facilities. It is mainly in charge of the floral decorations of various fixed public areas of the club (such as the hotel lobby, club lobby and restaurant, etc.) as well as the floral decorations for various events/occasions. The shop also sells decorative products to shop owners and hotel guests as well as undertakes group banquet hall decorations and wedding banquet decorations so as to provide convenient, fast and high-quality floral sales service for club members, hotel guests and groups.

Flowers sold in the shop:
- Bouquets, flower baskets, potted flowers and corsages, etc.
- Flowers for large banquet hall and wedding banquet decorations.
- All kinds of earthen vases, glass vases and artificial flowers.

Opening Hours:
9:00am to 6:00pm

(86 769) 8728 8888 ext. 82628

Mission Hills • Dongguan Hotel 1 Floor (The right side of the Dongguan Hotel lobby)

Mission Hills • Dongguan Supermarket

Mission Hills • Dongguan Supermarket is at basement one of Mission Hills • Dongguan Clubhouse. It occupies an area of 175 sqm serves shop owners, members and guests to provide convenience for its customers. The supermarket’s main products are food and everyday consumer goods, selling all kinds of drinks, tobaccos and liquors, snacks, bread, cakes, vegetables, fresh meat and daily household items, etc. It provides services such as home delivery, tele-shopping, emergency first-aid kit, microwave heating and ordering of cakes, etc. As Mission Hills • Dongguan Supermarket supplies products for the customers, it also emphasizes on a customer-oriented service attitude that lets the customers enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Opening Hours:
7:30am to 9:00pm

(86 769) 8728 8888 ext. 82123

Mission Hills • Dongguan Hotel Apartment Phase2