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Team Building

Mission Hills Resorts’ team challenge

a rewarding challenge with fun and excitement
eight physical and mental activities
from classical physical exercises to consensus and logic problems
customized programs to meet your company requirements
RMB 90 per person per hour
2 hours is recommended

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Mission Hills’ ultimate test
exploration, education and fun
from famous sits to obscure locations
experience the wind is blowing around
overcome physical and mental obstacles
keep going
the spirit is your vessel
your mind is your weapon
adventure is your passion
a mission of deca tasks for you to complete
RMB 130 per person per hour
A minimum of 3 hours is required

Other Items
  • traverse the minefield utilizing limited tools
  • step onto the minefield and disaster
  • no one is left behind
  • team planning, strategic thinking and teamwork
  • a team compose of 10 people or above
Bomb disposal unit
  • remove the bomb
  • time is crucial
  • resources are limited
  • catastrophe is looming
  • communication, planning and problem solving
  • a team compose of 10 people or above
Aladdin’s magic carpet
  • ride the magic carpet
  • from aladdins mosque to mystical lands
  • a journey for the team
  • a challenging task even for a magician
  • strength, planning and dedicated
  • a team compose of 10 people or above
Human foosball
  • score goals
  • limited individual mobility
  • unlimited group opportunities
  • communication, cooperation, strategy
  • a team compose of 10 people or above
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