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Introduction of Property Management Service Company

Mission Hills Property Management is an enterprise with China Class 1 property management qualification, and is certified with the international ISO 9001/ISO 14001 standards for quality and environment management. It is a member of the executive directing unit of China Property Management Institute and has been awarded the following accreditations, “Property Management Comprehensive Strength Top 100 Enterprises in China”, “Model Property Management Company for Golf Clubs in China” and “Top Ten Five-Star Service Brand Enterprises in China Property Industry”.

The total planned construction area under Mission Hills Property Management's governance is over three million square meters, and the projects under it’s jurisdiction have won various honorary titles such as the “Most Liveable Community” Golden Award”, “Property Awards (Property Oscar)”, “Top Ten Luxury Villas in China” of China (Shenzhen)”, and “National Model Property Management Project”.

Management Service Features

The company adheres to the operation philosophy of “Sincere services for your satisfaction” and pursues the long-term corporate objective of “Establishing the model for high-end property management services in China” to provide a round-the-clock British-style butler service for the distinguished owners. With a high-quality service team and scientific management service system, the company is committed to creating a civilized, harmonious and comfortable ecological and environmental-friendly living space for owners/residents from all over the world.

Areas of Dongguan Property Management
Dongguan Hotel Apartment

Dongguan Hotel Apartment and Dongguan Clubhouse make up the supporting facilities of Mission Hills Golf Club, Dongguan. The building cluster is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful scenery. The architectural mass of the cluster is well-proportioned in a rising and falling arrangement, exhibiting an air of magnificence. The architectural style blends the European country style with that of a tropical holiday resort, and the elegant and noble European details are matched with tropical grand doors and windows as well as grand balcony designs. The enchanting interplay of light and shadow exhibits the charm of the world’s largest golf club.

Forest Hill

Forest Hill is the first mountain residence of Mission Hills Property. It is located by the side of the world’s largest golf clubhouse at Mission Hills Golf Club, Dongguan and against the 26.5 sq km national forest park and within the ecological mountain forest that is more than 50 years old. You can take in the view of the boundless greenery of five world-class championship golf courses, and the vista stretches further east to the unlimited horizon. Experience the purest in mountain living within the many layers of natural landscape of the mountains, forests, lakes, valleys, courses and the sky.

Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills is located at the northwestern side of Mission Hills Golf Club, Dongguan and is surrounded by three courses. You can take in the view of Annika, Duval and Olazabal Courses here. In every suite, you will see the well-proportioned arrangement of the golf courses and mountain landscapes.

Mission Hills The Grand

The Grand is located in Mission Hills Golf Club, Dongguan. It has a linear layout that guarantees the best lighting, ventilation and view. It always stands at the front line of scenery, with its back facing the mountain and its front facing the lake. You will see the immaculate lake scenery to the south and feel the breath of the mountain forest to the north. Hotel Residence occupies the resources of Dongguan Clubhouse and Olazabal Course and enjoys the most optimized collection of Mission Hills facility resources, be it for leisure, catering or natural scenery.

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