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Project Introduction

Woodland Hills Phase 1 is located at the hillside. It sits on the three top world championship courses, Annika, Duval and Olazabal, with the mountains, forests, sunshine, lakes and golf as its features. Its bi-directional fairway view is refreshing and rejuvenating. To its back is a 26.5 national forest park, making the national 5A scenery its private garden. You will also wake up with 20 of Mother Nature in the morning. Close your eyes and take a deep breath amidst the natural oxygen bar to feel pure and fresh air as if it had come from Switzerland, and start a relaxing day among the songs of the birds. When night falls, the unique charm of Annika Light Course makes you feel as if you have entered a fairyland in the mist of the night.

Knowing the great value of nature has to life, Mission Hills•Woodland Hills Phase 1 maintains a single-line layout, providing different scenery outside each window. In the 360° boundless lake and mountain landscape, the project absorbs the great beauty of nature and builds a multi-layered primitive ecological forest landscape system that witnesses the meeting of scenery and living. It takes only 3-minute’s walk to get to the Mission Hills Golf Academy A, 5 minutes’ walk to enjoy high-end recreation center in Dongguan Clubhouse, the world’s largest golf club, and only a few steps to the spa center, family park and other luxurious facilities. There are also superior five-star hotels located nearby that blends nature with bustling urban life perfectly. Mission Hills • Woodland Hills Phase 1 continues to improve and upgrade upon the living circle of billionaires, introducing brand new high-end living, healthcare, education and commercial facilities. Greater splendor and enjoyment are offered to interpret the ideal living of the intellectual and wealthy class.

Selling Points
  • With mountains, forests, golf, sunshine, oxygen and lake as resources to breed humanistic forest architecture for 20 years;
  • Rare slab-type buildings with two elevators for two households and a north-south through design to enjoy boundless view of the center of the golf course;
  • Surrounded by Annika, Duval and Olazabal, the three top world championship courses, with 360° hillside panoramic golf scenery;
  • Unique charm of Annika Light Course makes you feel as if you have entered a fairyland in the mist of the night;
  • It takes only a few steps to enter the living circle of billionaires, 3 minutes’ walk to the Mission Hills Golf Academy and 5 minutes’ walk to Dongguan Clubhouse;
  • A comprehensive upgrade of luxurious shopping, education, healthcare and commercial facilities to create top-level wellness resort lifestyle.
House Types
Panoramic View of Luxurious Greenery 292m²
  • Independent home-access elevator that exhibits prestige amidst convenience;
  • 300m2 front and back private gardens establish a close connection of nature and the soul;
  • Luxurious private swimming pool provides 365 days of waterside experience that relaxes your body as you swim;
  • Humanized functional zonal design separates the spaces of the master and servant, paying attention to living in every detail.

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