Project Introduction
Central location with lake and forest in the world’s No.1 Golf Club

The Grand and Hotel Apartment series occupy the absolute core area of Dongguan Clubhouse. At the back of the project stands a 300-meter high green mountain in a forest park; it faces the classic Olazabal 18th hole and stretches of lakes and mountains at the front. It has a rare slab-type structure, through north-south design, and an exclusive 13.3m open view that takes the stretches of green mountains, the clearness of the lake and the lushness of the forests within the superb six-star luxurious space. The living circle of the billionaires is only a stone’s throw away, fully display an air of majesty.

Selling Points
  • A 26.5 national forest park at the back, the most beautiful landscape painting in the room;
  • Rare slab-type architecture and through north-south design as the main site to enjoy majestic living;
  • 13.3m open view that takes in the sceneries of mountains, lakes and greens.
  • The six-star package is only the tip of extravagance;
  • Top international facilities worth tens of billions RMB open the era of utmost living.
House Types
Block A standard floor 193.16 sqm
  • 13.3m lakeside view opens a great landscape painting for your life. The clear blue sky and the forests
  • Through north-south house type brings the purest breathing pleasure from the forest park and lets you enjoy an exclusive natural oxygen bar;
  • Close to 50 m² luxurious suite spaces offer an optimal resort life with the quietness of the mountains and the tranquility of the lakes;
  • The separation of space between the master and the servant gives a clear zonal segregation of activity and rest, and the highest luxury and extravagance are experienced without the need for words;
Block B typical floor 159.44 sqm
  • Close to 10 m width and a 3.4m floor height, with floor windows and balconies creating a super-large 30 m view that takes in the sceneries of forests, lakes, sky and the courses;
  • Through north-south unit type brings the purest breathing pleasure from the forest park and turns your room into an exclusive natural oxygen bar;
  • Every room is perfectly connected to the outdoor space, making your life a part of the nature. All the beautiful sceneries of the lakes and mountains are right before your eyes.

Disclaimer: The rights of both buyer and seller are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. The images above are for illustration purpose only and the final plans are based on those released by the authorities.

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