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  • Entry is Fervent for the Mission Hills Hank Haney Junior Championship
    On 22nd Oct, the Mission Hills Hank Haney Junior Championship, jointly organized by Mission Hills Golf Club and International Junior Golf Tour, will be held at the Zhang Lianwei Course. The heat is on for the application...
  • Coming Soon - The Exciting 8th MISSION HILLS GOLFATHON Grand Finals
    The 8th MISSION HILLS GOLFATHON has broken historical records, having the highest number of participants participating at this year Golfathon of 5000 participants. Participants from Guangdong and Haikou entering this com...
    Would you like to provide a better choice for your children to learn golf? The SNAG golf program is a new concept for your children to learn how to play golf. SNAG (Starting New at Golf ) practices different types of met...
  • The Inaugural "Annika Invitational at Mission Hills –Presented by Oriental Watch"
    Annika Sorenstam visited Mission Hills during 25th-26th August for her fourth time to participate the first junior girls’ tournament in China. She committed most of her time to share her career and experience with golf...
  • Mission Hills • Haikou 3 Days 2 Nights – Air Ticket & Accommodation Package
    Mission Hills • Haikou has launched a new 3 Days 2 Nights Air Ticket & Accommodation Package in this summer. BOOK NOW for a privileged, sensational journey…
  • Moon cake Express
    Mission Hills mooncakes use the best ingredients that are carefully selected from different places and infuse the green health concept into the traditional festive goodies. They are made with ingredients like the special...
  • Mission Hills Promotions in July
    The heat is on for the application for the first ANNIKA Invitational at Mission Hills. The ANNIKA Invitational at Mission Hills is the first junior girls-only tournament in China and Asia. It is open to junior girl playe...
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