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Stretching from Mission Hills Shenzhen, to Dongguan and Haikou, the academies feature the finest team of golf instructors in China World class facilities for golf and fitness training, and incomparable golf course access. The academies are continuously developing new lesson programs and packages to meet the needs of any current or aspiring player. Mission Hills is the training venue of the Chinese National Golf Team the Chinese Athletes Educational Foundation's Youth Team. With close to 6,000 children and teenagers train and practice golf at the academies and compete in the junior golf tournaments each year, we are experienced and confident to develop golf in China and create the future Champions of the World.

Your Game, Our Passion.

Mission Hills Golf Academies · Haikou
Address: No.1 Mission Hills Road, Hainan
Tel: (86 898) 6868 3888 - 61583
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coach Team
Stuart Pusey Foreign Instructor
Stuart is a British PGA Member and has been a Professional Golfer and Instructor Since 1999.
Initially trained under the guidance of current European Seniors Tour Professional, Nick Job, he moved to Asia in 2006 first in Hong Kong, and from 2008-2012 in Beijing. Stuart is a John Jacobs qualified instructor as well as a Harold Swash accredited instructor. He has a passion in improving people’s games and during his time in Asia he has worked with some of the regions finest instructors keeping him in the forefront of instructional methods.

TIGER WANG Level A Instructor China
Tiger Wang has been an instructor in many different top golf academies in China, and has also received training for some of the world’s best coaches. He has vast experience in developing students from an early age, many of whom compete at the highest levels in China. He will develop a lesson and practice program depending on your skill level and needs. Tiger believes that the short game and putting are vital, and guides his students to believing that improving their short game will improve their scores.

JEFFERY DENG Level A Instructor China
Jeffrey Deng has been a golf instructor at Mission Hills over ten years. He has been teaching golf lesson at some of China’s top academies which have cooperation with Mission Hills. He worked for Hank Haney golf academy, a world well-known instructor, from 2010. After receiving long time systematic training at this academy, consequently he has developed rich theory within his instruction and obtained his China Golf Association qualification and his TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) qualification.
Jeffrey Deng is good at dealing with different kinds of technical problems of the student, and he has vast experience at analyzing path of the ball. He is advanced at using different teaching equipments. Jeffrey has simplified the process through his diagnostics and teaching theory with his rich experience. He believes that correct direction and perseverance makes for an excellent golfer.

HARRY HUANG Level B Instructor China
Harry Huang graduated from Wuhan Jianghan University in 2013 having in the Top 5 amongst all of the participants majoring in Golf Management. Harry undertook his golf instructor training with the China Golf Association in the winter of 2013 and further training with the Australian PGA in 2013.He has since gone on the instruct regular junior golf clinics to more than 1000 children so far.
Harry’s passion for improving golfers meant that he strived to learn more about how the body works throughout the golf swing. Consequently he obtained his level 1 and level 2 TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) qualifications and is now able to carry out physical screenings to identify weaknesses and limitations in the body that may restrict the golf swing in one way or another.
Harry is looking forward to developing players and lowering their scores based on teaching solid fundamentals and smart course management.


It owns a 17,000sqm grass driving range and one of Asia’s most comprehensive short game areas. Also at the facility is a 2000sqm state of the art indoor training centre, including Trackman ball flight and club analysis software, Tomi putting analysis equipment, swing analysis software, 6 indoor mirrored hitting bays, and a vast array of training aids, all designed to help you become a more complete golfer.

Mission Hills Golf Academies Lesson Package
2017 Golf Academy Lesson Packages
Package Advanced Instructor Level A Instructor Level B Instructor
1 Hour 1,500 900 700
8 Hour/@ 10% off 10,800 6,480 5,040
+4 Hour/Top-on your 8 hour
package Hour @ 20% off
4,800 2,880 2,240
20 Hour/@ 15% off 25,500 15,300 11,900
50 Hour/@ 25% off 56,250 33,750 26,250
1 Day Golf School 6 hours 1Pax RMB6,750 RMB4,050 RMB3,150  
2Pax RMB8,500 RMB6,750 RMB4,500
2 Day Golf School 12 hours 1Pax RMB12,000 RMB7,195 RMB5,635 *9 holes on course
*Price include green,cart and caddie fee
2Pax RMB14,900 RMB12,050 RMB8,150
3 Day Golf School 18 hours 1Pax RMB15,300 RMB9,260 RMB7,280 *18 holes on course
*Price include green,cart and caddie fee
2Pax RMB19,100 RMB15,550 RMB10,600
Short Term Training Program 1 Week 20hours RMB15,800 RMB9,450 RMB7,850 Included in the program per week:
10 hours instruction
36 holes on course play
2 hours fitness
All meals
Unlimited use of Academy practice facilities
2 Weeks 40hours RMB28,900 RMB17,300 RMB14,700
3 Weeks 60hours RMB39,300 RMB23,550 RMB19,650
Medium Term Training Program 1 Month 80hours RMB43,700 RMB26,200 RMB23,800
2 Months 160hours RMB78,000 RMB46,800 RMB42,800
3 Months 240hours RMB109,000 RMB65,400 RMB60,600
Long Term Training Program 6 Months 480hours RMB194,000 RMB116,400 RMB109,200
1 Year 960hours RMB356,000 RMB213,600 RMB189,600
Meals Service

3 meals a day buffet style. Milk, tea, coffee are available as well as fruits for lunch and dinner.

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