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Lava Bar & Grill

Restaurant Overview

Lava Bar & Grill is the best place for you to get together with friends, to appreciate wine and delicious food, as well as tasting specialty cocktails. The restaurant focuses on using the best seasoning ingredients and the daily recommended dishes by the master show his unlimited creativity.


Caesar salad

Known as the “the king of salads”, the Caesar salad is a very common and classic traditional salad seen at the tables.
Caesar salad was invented by Caesar Cardini in 1924 by chance. On July 4th 1924, the restaurant was running out of everything, so Caesar Cardini made use of the remaining ingredients, created this special dish called “Caesar salad” with his gift. The Caesar salad presented at our restaurant uses the authentic Italian recipe.
To enrich the experience for customers, some of our on-site cuisine including grilled chicken breast, grilled prawns, smoked salmon and San Daniele ham, to meet a variety of tastes.

Oily Braised French Duck Leg

Oily Braised French Duck Leg is a way of cooking a marinated duck leg with herbs and braising it in fresh duck stock. The flavorful aroma of juniper is the highlight of this dish, giving it a unique taste. The duck leg remains succulent, tender and delicate, fragrant but not greasy. Prepared in this special method, this dish can be preserved for up to 6 months at room temperature and it is a downright traditional French dish.

  • Quick reference

    • 17:30—22:30
    • Location: Hotel Basement
    • Indoor Seating: 130
    • Dress Code: Business Formal
    • Smoking Policy:Non-Smoking Area
    • Reservations: (86 898)68683888 -62180