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Restaurant Overview

Magma Café offers a comfortable environment, bringing together various specialty cuisines from all over the world.


Sichuan Spicy Fish Fillets

Spicy Fish Fillets is a famous dish in Sichuan. Its sharp spicy flavor acts as a good appetizer, makes you slim and beautiful, eradicates cold and keeps the body warm. The fillet is prepared using a special mountain pepper and chili that grows on mountains over 1000 meters above sea level. The fresh fish is processed in a unique method to remove the fishy smell, and the fillets to be marinated are kept in a water-absorbing container. Then chopped pepper, spicy hot pepper of Sichuan, chili are dropped into boiling oil which is then poured over the fillets and the air brims with fragrance and flavor.

Stewed Chicken with Mushroom

Northern China produces an abundant variety of fresh and delicious mushrooms such as Hericium and chicken mushroom. Stewed Chicken with Mushroom is a specialty in northern China. The ingredients you need are a fresh chicken, some mushrooms, a handful of vermicelli, to be stewed finely. Besides having a smooth and tender taste, this dish is also very rich in nutrients. The thick chicken and mushroom soup is much like a tonic for the body.


Hand-pulled Noodles in Hot Oil

Hand-pulled Noodles in Hot Oil makes use of the special noodles that are pulled by hand, also known as Ramen. The entire noodle is actually just one single, long and unbroken noodle pulled from one dough. This special technique makes the noodles smooth and elastic, while its hot and spicy flavor triggers great appetite. When boiling hot oil is poured over these noodles, the fragrance of peppers mingled with garlic releases a special aroma and in the air. This olfactory treat takes you to Shanxi, the hometown of the authentic hand-pulled noodles. As Minister Xuebao Chen of Qing Dynasty wrote in his book "Brief Introduction of Vegan" , “The hand-pulled noodles are thin as leeks, and slender like readymade noodles. They can be pulled into a triangular shape or made hollow at the center."

  • Quick reference

    • Mon.-Fri.:8:30-18:00
    • Sat.-Sun. & Public Holidays: 6:00-18:00
    • Location: Club House Level1
    • Indoor Seating: 280
    • Dress Code: Casual & Business
    • Smoking Policy:Non-Smoking Area
    • Reservations: (86 898)68683888 - 62168