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Silver Moon

Restaurant Overview

Located in the lower level of the clubhouse, the Silver Moon Chinese Restaurant brings together Canton and Hainan cuisines, launching different local specialties of the country every month. With fantastic private rooms of different sizes set next to the Blackstone course, you can have a great view of the beautiful scenery while enjoying the delicious food. Furthermore, each VIP room is equipped with professional-grade audio, ensuring that your holiday is spent with music and food. . The biggest VIP room here has a landscape view and is as big as a small banquet ballroom, a perfect choice for company events or family gatherings.


Country Flavored Sautéed Fillets

Fresh fillets are very quickly sautéed till it is 80% done, and then topped with parsley stems, shredded spring onion and chopped nuts. The fillets taste tender, fragrant and refreshing, and you won't be able to leave the plate until it is completely empty, once it is served! It is so delicious that guests never feel they have had enough!

Sea Cucumber Braised with Healthy Grains

The dish makes use of organic healthy ingredients such as purple sweet potato, taro, corn and wild rice, which are then braised with specially selected sea cucumber, bringing you a unique blend of nobility and pastoral flavor. It is the best choice for those concerned with their health.

Hainan Wenchang Poached Chicken

Wenchang chicken is well known for its thin skin, smooth, tender and succulent flesh and flavorful bones. Its authentic flavor can only be brought out best when it is poached. Served with special Hainan garlic paste in orange juice, this dish is always a month watering experience, making it a must order dish for all visitors.

  • Quick reference

    • 11:00-14:30,17:30-22:00
    • Location: Club House Basement
    • Indoor Seating: 380
    • Dress Code: Casual & Business
    • Smoking Policy:Non-Smoking Area
    • Reservations: (86 898)68683888 –62155