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Arts and Crafts Workshop
Paper Clay Workshop

Enhance your kids' observation and originality, at the same time feeling successful and confident.

Paper Crafts Workshop

Nurture your kids' concentration and hand-eye-brain coordination, and improve their Emotional Quotient.

Creative Recycling Workshop

Recycling and reusing domestic waste in making arts and crafts can train kids to be dexterous and teach them the importance of environment protection.

Origami Workshop

Introduce simple mathematics and logical thinking through paper folding activities and inspire your kids to think and imagine.

Calligraphy Class

Let your kids know more about Chinese traditions and culture, and train them to be patient, dexterous and emotionally stable.

Creative FoodArt Workshop
Kids' Creative FoodArt Workshop

Let your kids learn to appreciate and respect others' achievement and know more about the nutritional values of different food.

Family Creative FoodArt Workshop

Establish good communication between parents and kids through creating luscious culinary delights.

Baby Sitting

Parents can enjoy moments of privacy and experience the services at Mission Hills Hotels & Resorts.