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Battle-out on the Golf Greens, Fight for your University’s Honor


Mission Hills · Wutong Cup: Friendly Golf Match of Central China Universities’ Alumni and Entrepreneurs

On October 28th, Mission Hills shall cooperate with Wutong Cup to invite members and entrepreneurs (Shenzhen, Dongguan and PRD region) who are alumni of Central China universities, to participate in the Mission Hills Wutong Cup, to fight for the glory of their alma mater and their success.

Now that you stand unchallenged, constantly progressing forward, having a glorious and successful career, enjoying the golden time in your career and life, you look back at the time you spent at your university, and remember who was at your side all the way, and made you a better person.

As the poem goes, “The Phoenix soars over high mountains; the wutong trees grow under morning sunshine.” Established in 2009, the Wutong Cup aims to reunite long separated alumni. The Cup focuses on individual score and also pays attention to inter-collegiate competition, balancing glory and friendship.

We sincerely invite your university alumni to join the Wutong Cup!

Competition Location: Mission Hills Shenzhen Vijay Course

Dinner Party Location: Mission Hills Shenzhen Club Grand Ballroom

Time:October 28th


10:00—12:00 Check-in (Mission Hills Shenzhen Club Grand Ballroom)

12:00—12:30 Kick-off Ceremony, Leader’s Speech, Guests’ Group Photo

12:30—17:30 Friendly Golf Match of East China Universities Alumni and Entrepreneurs

18:00—20:00 Prize Presentation Dinner Party

Limited slots available. Please call (86 755) 2801 8000 for reservation. We look forward to seeing you!

Mission Hills Parent-Child Education Salon: Wise Parents Learn to Love

– Hosted by Professor Ji-Ze Hu from Shenzhen University, expert on Chinese cultural research

Should parents give their children more freedom, or keep a close eye on their growth? Taking care of children is an art you never stop learning. Undoubtedly, parents have a lot more to learn when it comes to their children. On October 24th, Mission Hills and Yixinli Culture have co-organized an education salon hosted by Professor Ji-Ze Hu from Shenzhen University, an expert on Chinese cultural research, to give a lecture themed, “Wise Parents Learn to Love”. Mission Hills sincerely invites you to join this valuable session, and learn how to better care for your children.

Activity time: October 24th, 2015 (Saturday) 13:30-17:30

Venue: Mingyang Hall, Dongguan Clubhouse

Limited seats available! Please call our hotline (86 755) 2801 8000 to make reservations. We eagerly await your visit!