Home Promotions Golf Promotion Hangover From Fifa World Cup? Continue The Football Fever At Mission Hills "football Golf"!

Hangover from FIFA World Cup? Continue the Football Fever at Mission Hills "Football Golf"!


Hangover from FIFA World Cup? Continue the Football Fever at Mission Hills "Football Golf"!

Registrations are opened and winning team secures direct entry to Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am 2014.

FIFA World Cup has finally come to an end! Are you one of those who overcame jet lag or spent sleepless nights watching the games, witnessed Germany hold up the World Cup, but still feel it wasn’t thrilling enough? Then come to Mission Hills and take yourself to a new high!

The exciting and exhilarating Mission Hills "Football Golf Trials" officially kicked off on August 8th. A combination of football and golf, the game moves the intense battle from World Cup football grounds to the golf course. Irrespective of whether you are a golf enthusiast or football fan, you will certainly discover the superb excitement and fun in this new sport, like never before!

Showcase your Golden Foot on the golf course
If Beckham was present he would love “Footgolf”. His unique and precise “Golden Foot" free kicks will be a must-use technique in this game.

Unlike football and different from traditional golf, the upcoming “Footgolf Trials” held by Mission Hills is a new sport combining golf and football. It has similar rules to golf and uses the same course; the only difference is you have to kick the golf ball instead of using golf clubs. Each “kick” equals one stroke; to win the game you have to kick the ball into the big hole on the golf course with as few “kicks” as possible.

The tournament will be held at Mission Hills Shenzhen Vijay Course on August 8th. Participants will be divided into 20 teams, with each team composed of one adult and one junior golfer. With the enthusiastic participation of many parents, “father and son” or “mother and son” teams will be expected on the course.

"I’ve heard of this novel game before overseas, but I never imagined I would have the opportunity to experience it myself!" Mission Hills’ regular visitor Mr. Lam exclaimed excitedly. He couldn’t wait to give it a shot when he learned of this tournament. While Mr. Lo a former football player during his college days, was amazed by the idea of football golf, "I often play golf as well as football, but to play football on the golf course is something I’ve never tried before!"

Winning team to compete with world super stars for their kicking techniques
The tournament is a 12-hole four-player, 4-ball stroke play. Scores of the two best players from the same team for each hole will be calculated as team score. After completing a 12-hole play, the team with lowest overall score will claim the title. Winning team will also be invited to the “Footgolf” Tournament at Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am 2014, and compete against world’s professional and amateur players.

The 3rd Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am will be held at Mission Hills Haikou’s Blackstone Course from October 24th to 26th. The lineup comprises of 24 international professional golf superstars and 24 internationally renowned sports and entertainment stars, including Hollywood "Goddess" Jessica Alba, "Captain America" Chris Evans, Hollywood’s prestigious thespian Morgan Freeman, the “Father of Lunar New Year Films" renowned Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, famous Chinese movie star Chen Daoming and Wang Zhiwen, martial arts star Donnie Yen, the “Big Brother” of Hong Kong entertainment Eric Tsang, world-class actor Simon Yam, and several more. The tournament will see top world celebrities come together for a spectacular extravaganza on the golf course.

Mission Hills “Footgolf Trials" are open for free to the public. Registrations are now open. In addition to prizes for top three winning teams, the tournament will also be presenting the “Longest Drive Award”, the “Closest to Pin Award”, as well as “Best Dressed Award”, and many more.

After finishing a game of golf on the course, do you ever have an impulse to play football on the vast greens? Here’s your chance now! Give your “Golden Foot" the opportunity to show off the skills. So what are you waiting for? Come join us and give it a go!

For event details, please feel free to contact:
Mr. David Luo
Tel : (86 755) 2802 0888 ext : 33842
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