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2016 Queenstown International Invitational Match in New Zealand


Queenstown in New Zealand is a beautiful town surrounded by Southern Alps. Its location near the mountain and by the river, make it an idyllic spot. In fact, the town adorns different hues in each of the four seasons. Queenstown is named because of the colonist idea that such a beautiful landscape should only be possessed by the queen. Queenstown is renowned the world over for all the exploration activities it offers. There are many exciting and novel events lined up for you: you could indulge in some lighthearted skiing at a world-class ski resort, work up your courage to experience breathtaking and exhilarating bungee jumping, zipping around on jet boats, or leaping down from about 3,000m height. These events can be scheduled into your itinerary. After experiencing these novel and exciting events, you can take a walk along the elegant and charming Lake Wakatipu or simply spend your day at a charming farm. There is no doubt you will find that Queenstown is soaked in romance as you stand near the clear lake waters under the gorgeous setting sun.


You will feel so relaxed in Queenstown, that you will find yourself smiling every so often as you let the sunshine wash over you and as you enjoy some maple sugar nut ice cream.


November is the best time to travel to Queenstown. Apart from enjoying the picturesque landscape, you can also compete with professional players from all over the world in the 2016 Queenstown International invitational match. You’ll also get to attend the Welcome and Awards Presentation Banquet held by the organization committee for this event, where you can experience the style and traditional dinner banquets that are popular in Queenstown.    


5 days, 4 nights and 3 golf games

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Date: November 20th-24th, 2016


Accommodation in a 5 Star hotel for 4 nights (Twin standard room)

3 golf games at Queenstown International invitational match

Gift packages and prizes

Lunch at event date, welcome party, Queenstown experience dinner, and awards presentation party

24h all-weather ground handling and transfer service

Price: RMB12,000 / person.

Contact information:  

Telephone: (86 755) 2802 0888-33838 / email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.