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  • Mission Hills Summer Camp Celebrates its 18th Anniversary Growing up with you, always
    2018 marks 18 years since Mission Hills launched its summer camp programme. The camps have seen the maturing of one generation and will soon welcome the next. Nothing beats spending summer time in an enriching and educat...
  • Order-on-demand Cooking Station & Brazilian-Style BBQ Buffet
    The order-on-demand dishes cooked with utilization of various fresh, green, nutritious and savory ingredients and gorgeous lakeside landscape bring you leisure enjoyment refreshed in nature. All prices are in RMB;...
  • Whole Bluefin Tuna Cuisine
    Good tidings comes that “Ukiyo” Japanese Cuisine selects the fresh-caught bluefin tuna which is praised as the top-notch ingredient for its tender texture and savory taste to elaborately prepare the most delicious cu...
  • Savory Dishes on Sizzing Pan
    The iron plate local organic food dishes, create heart yi iron small cattle, iron black pork, sizzling yongxing black bean curd hot flavor, such as I believe you can have distinctive tasting in Magma Cafe of choice.   ...
  • Afternoon Tea• The Pure Love of Spring
    Venue: Patio Cafe /Le Patio/Mélange LoungeTime:15:00-17:00(Every weekend on March & April’s Saturday, Sunday)Reservation Hotline:  33365(SZ)/ 83823(DG)Price: RMB128/set (Patio Cafe)     RMB2...
  • Healthy Organic Vegetable Cuisine
    Experience Wellness from Natural Greens.Venue: Shiki(Shenzhen Clubhouse Level 2)Time:20180301-20180430Reservation Hotline:(755) 2802 0888 Ext: 33389
  • Perfect Grills
    Enjoy delicacies prepared with superior ingredients by our gourmet chefs at Mélange !Venue: Mélange Lounge(Lobby , Mission Hills Hotel, Dongguan)Time:20180301-20180430Reservation Hotline:  (769) 8728 8888...
  • Tour of Tuscany
    Give your taste buds a warm and bright tour.Venue: Mountain Cafe(Shenzhen Clubhouse Level 1)Time:Available on Every Friday, Saturday(20180301-20180430)Price:RMB298 +15%/Adult,Child 50% discountReser...
  • Sichuan & Hunan Specialties
    Authentic flavours of Sichuan & HunanVenue & Time: Tao Yuan Chinese Restaurant(20180301-20180430):Level G , Dongguan ClubhouseReservation Hotline: (769)8728 8888 Ext.83188(DG)
  • Hakka Private Kitchen
    Specially prepared in-house creations to whet your appetite.Venue: Imperial Court(20180301-20180430):Shenzhen Hotel Level 3Reservation Hotline:  (755)2802 0888 Ext: 33361