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  • Lo Hei! Lo Hei!
    Let’s toss for good wealth and health, and to enjoy an abundance of great fortune. It’s time to “Lo Hei” this festive season, and bring your success and luck to new heights! What are you waiting for? Visit Sliver...
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Buffet
    Imagine having your eyes covered, feel your heart in this special moment, with just you and me. In this season of love, come savour the delicious delicacies prepared by Bistro on the Rock at Mission Hills Hotel and awake...
  • Chinese New Year Rice Cakes
    1.Turnip Rice Cake with Chinese Sausage, Preserved Pork, Dried Shrimp – RMB 782.Taro Rice Cake with Sausage, Cured Meat – RMB 783.Traditional Brown Sugar and Coconut Rice Cake – RMB 784.Water Chestnut Rice Ca...
  • Chocolate Hot Pot
    Catch the last of the Winter season, head to Bake My Day for a mixed hot pot with Swiss chocolate, silky smooth chocolate and crisp fruits and experience the warmth and sweetness within.All prices are in RMB, no servic...
  • Winter Flame
    Served with delicious soup bases,coupled with an array of healthy ,rich and flavourful ingredients ,an assortment of hot pot cuisine awaits.Venue: Shiki(Shenzhen Clubhouse Level 2)Time:20180201-20180228Rese...
  • Speciality Pizza
    Fresh twist to your favourite pizza delicacies!Venue: Mélange Lounge(Lobby , Mission Hills Hotel, Dongguan)Reservation Hotline:  (769) 8728 8888 Ext: 83823(DG)
  • Traditional Chinese Cuisine Buffet Night
    Featuring an assortment of classic dishes and speciality dishes from around the region, this gourmet feast is set to delight your taste buds.Venue: Mountain Cafe(Shenzhen Clubhouse Level 1)Time:Available on Eve...
  • Chinese Confectionary
    Time: 20180117-20180216Venue:Imperial Court & Tao Yuan RestaurantTel:0755-28020888 Ext: 33361(Imperial Court)& 83188(Taoyuan Restaurant)Lunar New Year CakesVariety             
  • Art & Crafts Factory Launches Membership Card!
    To better service its supporters, the Art & Crafts Factory will be rolling out its membership scheme! There are different tiers of prepaid schemes to choose from, each with its distinct benefits. Silver Card: prepay...
  • FCBEscola Haikou 2017-2018 Second Season Training Registration
    FCB Escola Haikou is the only football school that is established by FC Barcelona outside Spain and under the direct management and operation of FC Barcelona.This is the first time that FC Barcelona established a world c...